Our Team

It is the spirit of the group that makes the successful team, and the success of our work is based on our wonderful team of managers and technicians who work together faithfully in one spirit to develop work and solve any problems or challenges that may face them and transform them into achievements and success for the company as a whole.

Development Management Team

Conducts a survey of projects and best offers available and evaluated, and then submit a detailed report on each project.

Marketing Plan Preparation Team

It assigns the scope of the project according to the client’s wishes, prepares the designs and plans for the project, and determines the budget required for its completion.

Study Preparation Group

Is the team responsible for developing the marketing plan professionally and distributed according to the stages of work, and then identify the target group of the project.

Follow-up team and quality inspection

It documents the work and it goes the right way by ensuring the whole team’s tasks, and to face any problems or errors, and provide solutions and after-sales service.